Joe Cattani

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Industrial Technology Advisor with the Industrial Research Assistance Program, National Research Council Canada

Joe is an Industrial Technology Advisor with the Industrial Research Assistance Program-National Research Council Canada (ITA-IRAP/NRC) located in Winnipeg, MB. Joe has over 30 years of experience in Manitoba as an Environmental Professional in the areas of innovative environmental/clean technology commercialization, environmental auditing and remediation, as well as, Environmental Management Systems and Eco-Efficiency systems for manufacturing and agriculture industries applications.

More specifically, his background includes:
    • 18 years as an IRAP/NRC ITA with a specialization in Clean Technology innovation support for Canadian SMEs; focusing on traditional Environmental technologies, as well as, alternative & renewable energy technologies. Joe has client’s through-out Manitoba and provides technical support for IRAP/NRC in Western Canada.
    • Three years as Business Development Manager, providing market analysis and technical advisory services for Enviro-Test Laboratories in Winnipeg;
    • Five years with Winnipeg and Calgary firms (Tri-Waste Reduction Services and Laidlaw Environmental Services) with a focus on industrial environmental auditing, soil remediation and hazardous waste treatment & management.
    • Three years with the Province of Manitoba environmental testing and monitoring laboratory (Dept. of Environment).

Joe participates in, or has had appointments on the Boards of Directors of a number of Manitoba organizations, including: the Manitoba Environmental Industries Association, the Manitoba Manure Management Initiative, the external advisory board for the Faculty of Environment/University of Manitoba, and the Environment Committee of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Manitoba.

Joe is a member of the Prairies Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association. He has a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Winnipeg (1989) and a Biological Technology diploma from Red River College (1983). Joe was active in Rugby for over 30 years in Manitoba; initially as a player for 20 years and then 10 years as a member with the Manitoba Association of Rugby Referees. His current hobby is cycling and he has been married to his wife Cheryl for 28 years and they have two sons (who still live at home).
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