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Fleet Management Software Buyers Guide

With increased digitization and competition, there is a need to have fleet management software for all trucking organisations. Fleet management software enables businesses to accomplish the tasks related to the fleet with ease. Fleet management software collects and manages the data of trucking businesses. It helps in the efficient functioning of the supply chain and […]

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How to Select a Freight Broker: Top 8 Factors Shippers Should Consider

Freight brokers help fleet companies manage their delivery processes and improve their warehouse functions simultaneously. This helps freight companies to boost their business. A freight broker acts as a middleman between shippers and carriers. He ensures that the cargo reaches its destination safely. Brokers optimise routes and help transportation companies to achieve their goals efficiently. […]

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How To Prepare Your Fleet For IFTA Audits And IRP

International fuel tax agreements, electronic logging devices and international registration plans are three main components of the transportation industry. Knowing IFTA And Its Working: IFTA is a tax regulation in forty-eight states of the USA and ten Canadian states. It makes the process of filing taxes easy and streamlines the complete process of fuel tax. […]

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How To Find The Best TMS Software For Your Freight Business?

Although transport management software is intended to be helpful for all business types, there are some things you should keep in mind when buying a TMS. First, ensure that the system allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously. Standard features of transport management software include ease-of-use, time-savings, and the ability to track and trace vehicles, […]

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