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How To Find The Best TMS Software For Your Freight Business?

Although transport management software is intended to be helpful for all business types, there are some things you should keep in mind when buying a TMS. First, ensure that the system allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously. Standard features of transport management software include ease-of-use, time-savings, and the ability to track and trace vehicles, […]

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What is Transportation Management Systems Software (TMS) ?

Transportation management system software is a logistic platform that has been designed keeping in mind the transportation business. The freight has transported either outbound or inbound. The TMS is able to check whether the shipment of the goods has been processed in a systematic manner or not. The complaint or any mishap is reported to […]

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5 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Oil and Gas Production

Energy efficiency is an integral element of the entire oil and gas production industry. When the energy is utilised efficiently, it reduces energy consumption, costs, and productivity. So, it is important to focus on improving energy efficiency in the oil and gas sector. Improving efficiency is a primary task that has to be done on […]

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How Trucking Industry is Evolving Through Smart Fleet Telematic

Running a trucking company is a complex process. The owner needs to employ people like managers, workers, and vehicle operators to manage his business. Fleet companies work to dispatch, deliver and manage their fuel expenses. Doing all this manually takes a lot of time and makes the whole process unnecessarily complicated. Using technology makes your […]

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What Is the Use of Key Performance Indicators in Mobile Tracking?

KPI, or key performance indicator, refers to seeing statistics about your business from your mobile. Companies can use the data to develop effective marketing or business strategies. They can assess the effectiveness of their business and pinpoint areas that are performing well. If the company sees that buyers aren’t buying certain products, they can substitute […]

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Four Ways Supply Chain & Logistics Companies Can Adapt During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Like every other industry, corona virus has significantly affected the supply chain and logistics companies as well. It has brought a drastic impact on the transport companies by lowering their efficiency and causing uncertainty. Not only the performance of major industry players’ has seriously affected, it has tested their patience level to a level one […]

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