COVID-19: The Impact on Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics system has never faced an enemy bigger than the covid-19. The whole economy is in turmoil due to the coronavirus pandemic. Covid -19 has put an enormous amount of strain on the transportation and logistics resources. Huge reduction in international trade, manufacturing and commerce has a ripple effect in the transportation and […]

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The Importance of Implementing a Warranty Tracking System

Warranty agreements are very important for every business as they cover the insurance of a device or equipment for a certain time period. Insurance time period can differ per manufacturer. Warranty reimbursement is very important for every business because the total cost of a device or equipment also includes the warranty cover for that asset. […]

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What is Transportation and Logistics Software?

In today’s business environment transportation and logistics are no longer limited to the delivery of goods and services from one place to another. Modern-day logistics has to perform various functions to satisfy the customers and stand in front of its competitors in the long run. Various functions performed by transportation and logistics software include transit, […]

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Advantage of Using Logistic Programs

In the transportation sector, automation has brought significant improvement. Automation has impacted not only the trucking companies but also airports, ships, and depots. It supports reducing the accident ratio. Accidents could happen due to highway conditions and the climate. The automation in the transportation business has lessened the time consumed while traveling. It has also […]

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