7 Features To Look For When Choosing The Best Delivery Management Software For Your Company

With the growing customer demands, fleet companies need to upgrade themselves with the latest technology and the newest equipment. They need to manage their delivery time and deal with fluctuation in prices. Finding the perfect balance is necessary for you to remain in business for a long time. This is why you need to do […]

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Three Emerging Digital Technologies For The New Normal In Transport

The advent of covid-19 caused havoc in everyone’s life. As an individual, it became difficult to cope with all the difficulties thrown at people. However, the state is currently better than before; however, the surge of covid-19 is still going on. Taking this into consideration, technological advancements began to improve. Now, taking a dig at […]

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Four Ways Supply Chain & Logistics Companies Can Adapt During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Like every other industry, corona virus has significantly affected the supply chain and logistics companies as well. It has brought a drastic impact on the transport companies by lowering their efficiency and causing uncertainty. Not only the performance of major industry players’ has seriously affected, it has tested their patience level to a level one […]

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Benefits of A Heavy Equipment Maintenance Checklist

The construction activities involve numerous types of machinery and equipment. The machinery and equipment that are used to carry out the construction activities are of a special type. These instruments are termed heavy equipment. These are also known as heavy-duty vehicles. The majority of the time, they are used for construction and related activities. These […]

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