Automobile Industry

How To Prepare Your Fleet For IFTA Audits And IRP

International fuel tax agreements, electronic logging devices and international registration plans are three main components of the transportation industry. Knowing IFTA And Its Working: IFTA is a tax regulation in forty-eight states of the USA and ten Canadian states. It makes the process of filing taxes easy and streamlines the complete process of fuel tax. […]

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5 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Oil and Gas Production

Energy efficiency is an integral element of the entire oil and gas production industry. When the energy is utilised efficiently, it reduces energy consumption, costs, and productivity. So, it is important to focus on improving energy efficiency in the oil and gas sector. Improving efficiency is a primary task that has to be done on […]

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How Cloud Technology is Transforming Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Supply chain and logistics business flexibility is the key to success. Flexibility to adjust to the change and integrate the latest technology to your business are two most important factors that determine your business success or failure. History teaches a great lesson to each organisation. If any business fails to adjust to the societal changes, […]

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