How To Prepare Your Fleet For IFTA Audits And IRP

International fuel tax agreements, electronic logging devices and international registration plans are three main components of the transportation industry.

Knowing IFTA And Its Working:

IFTA is a tax regulation in forty-eight states of the USA and ten Canadian states. It makes the process of filing taxes easy and streamlines the complete process of fuel tax. Motor carriers who travel to more than one jurisdiction use it to report their fuel taxes. Transportation companies receive IFTA stickers and an IFTA licence for operating their motor carriers in these jurisdictions. They must submit their tax report quarterly and mention the total distance covered by their vehicles and fuel purchased during their journey. The distance covered includes the number of miles travelled in each state, district, and territory. IFTA reviews the report submitted by the freight companies and then informs them of the total fuel to be paid.

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How To Prepare Your Fleet For IFTA Audits And IRP
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