WCIO Projects

In-Situ H2 Production in Heavy Oil Reservoirs

Outcomes: Bench scale validation of in-situ H2 production; clean energy production (environmental and economic benefit)

Characterisation of Horizontal Wells in Tight Formations

Outcomes: Reduction in the number of fracking stages; operational efficiency (environmental benefit), cost reduction and optimal production (economic benefit)

Online Oil-In-Water Analyser for Produced Water in Thermal Oil Sands Operations

Outcomes: Online real-time oil analysis in produced water will improve water treatment and recycling efficiency and prevent unexpected process upsets in thermal operations (economic benefit)

Connecting Microstructure and Rheology for Enhanced Tailings Reclamation

Outcomes: A rapid screening process for polymer flocculants for optimised tailings ponds remediation; improve operator economics (environmental and economic benefit)

In-Situ Technology for the Real-Time Monitoring of Bioreediation in Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils

Outcomes: Enable optimization of the amendment strategy and time for remediation. This project is estimated to generate savings of up to $500,000 per site compared with traditional remediation methods.

Plug-in Gas-Electric Hybrid Vehicle

Outcomes: Design and testing of transport vehicle (bus) with superior environmental performance compared with gas driven vehicles.