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Alpega TMS




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  • Very User friendly
  • Carriers information
  • Visibility to all stakeholders
  • Organized
  • informational
  • Changeable


  • Slow
  • Too many steps

About Alpega TMS

Alpega is a provider of modular, cloud-based Transportation Management Systems (TMS). Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), this suite of flexible, scalable solutions enable shippers, logistics service providers, and carriers to collaboratively manage and streamline their logistics operations with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Source, plan, optimize, execute, settle and analyze end-to-end transportation processes for increased capacity utilization and reduced overall freight spend. Alpega’s cloud-based platform enables real-time horizontal and cross-functional collaboration with all trading partners across your logistics ecosystem.

Supported Operating System(s):

Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

The modularity, low total cost of ownership (TCO), and “pay as you go” business model enables companies to deploy a TMS at a pace that won’t overtax their logistics, operational, or IT resources. It offers the opportunity to deliver rapid time to value, scale up with additional modules, functionality, or volumes; or scale out across the supply chain to additional sites, carriers, logistics partners, vendors, or customers.

Alpega provides U.S. & global support, sales, and implementation. They are a trusted partner for over two hundred companies across 80 countries, and customers vary in company size, revenues, and transportation spend. The solutions meet the needs of simple to complex supply chains.

Over 200,000 users worldwide log onto Alpega solutions every day.

Thankfully, most LMS vendors use a scheme called Active User Pricing, meaning that you can free up seats by repurposing unused licenses. For example, if Bob goes on parental leave, I can archive his account, move his license to Jane, and continue to report on Bob’s learning while he cares for the kids.

LMS vendors typically charge per month, and customers can reduce monthly bills by paying for a year up front. (In the interest of providing the lowest possible costs, I have priced out entry-level plans billed annually). Plans range widely in cost and features. At one end is Moodle, which is free, open source, and un-hosted; at the other are the all-inclusive, hosted offerings from Absorb and Schoology. All three vendors have secured Editors’ Choice awards for vastly different reasons: Absorb is a top-of-the-line turnkey LMS, Schoology is a powerful but user-friendly education LMS, and Moodle is a tinkerer’s treasure trove. I encourage curious readers to look beyond our comparison chart and visit the reviews.

Alpega TMS

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